I enjoy the creativity involved in designing while it is not my principle responsibility . As such, I have designed logos,  marketing materialsbusiness cards, and websites. Examples of each are shown below.


On occasion, I am called upon to create logos.   Two such examples are below.  Please click any of the images to see the full size in a new window:


This logo was one that I designed for the Masters of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science (METALS) Program.  The three bars serve two purposes.  First, they symbolize the three legs of the program: psychology, human computer interaction, and education.  Second, the three bars are reminiscent of the letter M in METALS.



This logo was designed for a local maternity store.  Note that the shape of the B reflects shape of a pregnant woman.

Marketing Materials

More often, I need to create marketing materials related to my job.  Being at university means that resources are limited, so many of us wear many hats.



The image above is a two sided 5″x7″ recruiting postcard that I created as a handout for perspective students explaining the METALS program as well as a little about the application process.  They have also been used as marketing materials in our outreach efforts to faculty and corporate partners who may know of students or employees who are appropriate for the program.  The front side of the post card was printed on glossy card stock and was well received.  See the pdf file here.

Carnegie Mellon METALS Capstone

I created additional outreach materials for the capstone.  This flyer which I designed is used as a means to explain the capstone project on one page for potential clients.

METALS Recruiting Flyer

One of my most important responsibilities that I take very seriously is job placement for our graduating students.  I created this flyer to introduce companies to our graduates and to invite them to recruit them.


I designed the original poster used for recruiting for the METALS program.  This was sent to relevant universities around the world.


A postcard flyer that I created for Becoming Mommy.

Business Cards


Since LearnLab was a cross university center, we needed business cards to reflect that.   Based on our website design, I created this business card which  I then used for other marketing purposes as well.

Website Design

Over the past twenty years, I have also designed and created a number of websites including the METALS website: as well the e-commerce site for the now defunct Becoming Mommy.


For the METALS program, this website serves as the information hub for interested students, current students, and prospective employers.  Designed to fit in to the Carnegie Mellon University environment and brand, this site borrows design features from other Carnegie Mellon websites.  It uses a smooth, modern design based on a WordPress template which I heavily modified.  It also incorporates a chat feature that makes it easy for perspective students to interact and easily ask questions about the program.